Wednesday, July 09, 2014


I was robber today
by azly rahman

of the joys of the sensible seventies
a child of much curiosity i was
when the world is a canvas to my imagination
Nature a teacher
i was a dot that went for a daily walk
religion was not a dirty word
of violence and mayhem
there are races around me
but there were not much rats racing
and the human race is of concern
as a child of thirteen
i was meeting the word
both with an occasional warm smile
and dead seriousness
knowing nothing could harm me
and that i kowtow to nobody
knowing that when books and your solitude
are your good friends
and contemplation an abode of inner harmony
you care much to not hurt others
nor living things
and that words you learn anew
becomes a world of wonder
and Imagination is always like a child within
that still lives within
that will die within
even if
i will still see robbery around me
of the world of my sensible seventies ...

-- azly rahman
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