Tuesday, July 08, 2014

THE SOUP KITCHEN OF LIFE (for Malaysian ministers)

by azly rahman

the greatest joy is
giving ...
giving ...

and living to give
because we do not own anything
all borrowed
as a gift of Life
body, soul, intellect
cells, DNA codes, breath of Life
memories, hope, desire
first breath of Life
final breath of Life
we accept the gift
we return it to Life
giving ... accepting
the giver ... the taker
the giver ... the beggar
the rich ... the poor
these are the dialectics of Life
give and give away everything
give Love, Hope, Happiness, Wisdom, Light
to thyself and to Others
in this sea of Love
in an Ocean of Mercy
until the last breath
you are
The Truth
each day
a new Child you are

-- azly rahman
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