Monday, June 16, 2014


a running commentary   
by azly rahman


-- the last time I got excited about Germany was when they had Gerd Muller, Franz Beckenbauer, Paul Breitner, and members of the rock group Scorpions ... now I am going to watch them play Portugal and see if the great player Eusebio is still there .... I learned how to count in German by watching a program on strange sports competitions on Si...ngabore TV . I love the program; competitions such as running in a gunny sack while eating sauerkraut, running the 100 m. dash in a mud, etc. Well ... soemthing like that but more sophisticated befitting German technology. Germans are interesting people -- Hitler, Bismark, Marx, Heidegger, and Volkswagen Beetle.

My favourite player was Gerd Muller and at that time that name rhymed with Uri Geller, the spoon-bender. I wanted to be called Gerd Muller everytime I played football in high school. "Call me Gerd," I would yell at my team mates.I had forgotten how he looked like but he had thick thighs, like a good set of KFC chicken thighs. But he is German.

In class, especialy in English class, I dream of soccer and nothing else and I could not wait the day to end and play football. I will be angry if I cannot play football -- I will kick people sometimes. Sorry to confuse you with the two words -- soccer and football. It's the fault of the Americans, really. By the way, Americans are playing Ghana tomorrow. And BTW Ghana gained independence the same year as Malaysia and see where these two countries are. Ghana is in the World Cup, the Malaysian team is still selling cupcakes. But I believe we will be there when we get our act straight, although I do think that the Islamic countries do need to have their special cup games, away from the secularitic-ness of soccer .. or the funni-ness of football.

YES-- USA v. Ghana tomorrow. I must watch and support America -- my country right or wrong! No offense to myself, But I think America do not have a choice but to WIN and to win big, like McDonalds Supersize Me. Why? because losing means a potential security threat and bad for American foreign policy and national security.

So-- America must win. By crooks or by crook. The Portuguese did a nasty think I cannot forgive. I cannot support them today. They attacked Melakka back in 1511 through the work of two star player, Alfonso Albuquerque and Lopez de Sequira. What did they leave behind the Malays and the foolish Melaka sultan?Two recipes -- Alfredo chicken and Kuih Lopes. What a history!

I am off for a warm up, before the Germs play the Guese ...

*BTW -- the Argentinian goalie looked like Che Guevara and all the Bosnians looked like Fidel Castro -- onwards to the march of Malaysia, not as a secular nor Islamic state with all these arguments and hijacking and imprisoning of holy scriptures, and ... but as a Catatonic State!

My fear today -- if German loses, Japan and Italy will joing foces as Axis Soccer Power and here we go again ... players like Hotlier, Mussallinni, and Toyojo will be on the frontline seeking revenge ..... and you think the Russians and the Americans will just sit on the bench watching? but that's another story ... we'll take things one goal and one offside at a time ...-- ar
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