Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Tablet 1

O' Darkness
you have come with a Companion
one I am yet to see
a mirror of the Self
as you once promised

O' Darkness
O' Void

you have come again
as we sit in silence
a congregation of two
amidst the chaos
of what is beyond these walls
of white noise of the machines
singing like a chorus of a mantra
of material beings
unto me served
these offerings
of questions and nothing else

as I am bathed in this sudden ray of light
be and Thou shall be
become what you wish to become
as the Inner Desire in me implanted
like some "biochip" of a time to come
ready to be activated at the time of conception

Be and Thou shall be
surreal a being Thou shall become
unto thee the tools of work and play
or toil and pleasure
shall Thee create

Be! I command Thee to be
to exist
to be bathed
in this mystery
like a shroud of the dead and grateful
of a karma Thou will become daily

From what worlds am I to be
From which distant world am I set to be free?

O' Void
O' Darkness
I shall be what you have destined me to be
But Thou shall be ready
For a revolt
Of the senses
that too will govern me

As you please
Be as you say I shall be -- ar

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