Thursday, December 22, 2011

meditations: south china sea

"meditations: south china sea"
-azly rahman

At times in
my moments of deep reverie
... I know that I am that gibraltar of a rock in the south china sea
sitting there with eyes closed with awakedness
since the beginning of time I have been as such
watching the waves pound mercilessly onto my feet
still with my eyes closed i look down below
waves that rage at times gently
at times like a tsunami of our soul's vulnerability
I am that rock of ages
but gently caressed by the tides of yesteryears
by the temper of the day
by the silence of the midnight breeze of a future yet to be serenading
the souls of men
I am that gibraltar of a rock
occasionally opening my eyes
guiding ships
lost souls wandering in the middle of the sea
the sea of chinese complexities
sea waves like velvet and gold blankets of the eternal spring
i am those eyes opening closing opening
yet never gazing at the moon and the stars
always lowering my gaze like a gentle gibraltar softened by the madness
of the moonlight
always lowering my gaze looking into the eyes
of men and beast down below
as they struggle to slay
the whispers in their souls
like wildfire raging in each cell of their body
like warriors of yesteryears they fight
in a roman arena of their own creation
I am that rock
that gibraltar of a soul
in the south china sea
where waves explode
winds rage
wandering souls weep
whispers scream
for love hidden
from the mirror of the soul
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