Sunday, June 05, 2016



alright fine young religionistas ..
what's this paranoia over Metallica

to protest against rock kapak's finest gangsta
why not protest against the saudis and the egyptian massacre

leave those metallica folks to show their yellow culture
kids these days are becoming rockers and gangsta

in protest against the religionistas
a sure sign of a failure to teach them ethics and good behavia'

all because religionistas too are a tribal group of a postmodern culture'
supporting this or that regime whose politics they don't have quite a clear idea

whose fault is it, folks lend me your left ear ...
nobody' fault it's all paranoia

alright-- let us not fight over this group metallica
if you don't like them it's simple and clear --

stay home and listen to dangdut or dikir barat kampong guar cendana
you don't buy the ticket to metallica, you don't get to see them and enjoy
rock kapak' s glorious metal gangsta

have no fear
i too don't fancy metallica

i stay home and play the gambus of the ghazal and sing like the hindustani lata mangeshkar
but don't you ban led zeppelin either, you good religionistas

i will ban your acapella sung with turkish sitar
that is my paranoia

fear of old school rock kapak banned out of religious paranoia
okay-- fans of metallica

enjoy the show but don't do things gangsta
music is music
genre is genre
metallica is rock's finest gangsta

hush now religionistas
come one
come all
come to stadium merdeka 

-- azly rahman
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