Saturday, November 14, 2015



of shouts of "ALLAHU AKBAR" to accompany the shooting of innocents.

Muslims know that this is the battle cry of a cult of those desensitized and their mind held hostage to the evils of perhaps the most sophisticated, well-funded, and wealthiest terror group ever created by the imperial forces that invaded countries rich in oil.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH of linking Islam with terrorism

Amongst Muslims, themselves there are peace-makers and suicide bombers -- with radicals, moderates, liberals, fundamentalists, literalists, and fascists ... and many more. No one Muslim is the same.
ALLAHU AKBAR -- the greatness of god lies in the bountiful of mercy and love, not a cry of victory as one randomly shoots the innocent with AK47s, Kalashnikovs, or Chinese- made assault rifles.

But in "realpolitikal" terms, retaliation and a world in perpetual war may explain what is happening. From the bringing down of the Russian plan, the suicide attacks in Lebanon, and now the massacre in Paris, it is all about a world at war in which cities with innocent people are targeted, in response to the Russian, and its allies strike on the kingdom of ISIS.

Europe is no longer safe -- the terrorist network has gone global, with hundreds of ISIS fighters/jihadists from France, returning home to "fight the ISIS war" right there in the urban areas. With the influx of Syrian refugees into Europe, with 800.000 in Germany and over 250,000 in France, in a decade, what will European cities look like?

Welcome to the post-informational, bipolar neo-liberal world order where world peace will always be a pipe dream.

My heart goes to the French people for the tragedy and to those innocent men, women, and children displaced and whose lives destroyed not only by the decades of American occupation and planned destruction but also by the NATO and Russian-led strikes in the war against ISIS shouting ALLAHU AKBAR for the deadliest reasons.

And Malaysia, here's a question for you: Will you stop your political bickerings and silly drama and start checking on the radicalization of your dispossessed youth and see if your ISIS- jihadist returnees are monitored enough to stop any kind of radicalization happening? -- ar


must reach out to each other and condemn senseless attacks in the name of this or that religion ... the worst thing that one can do, inviting more retaliation, is to blame this or that community for the atrocities done in the name of this or that religion -- -when the members of that community themselves fear the such terrorist acts and terrorists in general.
This is what that MUST NOT BE DONE to the Muslim community: blaming them.
Let peace be the language of all. It is a violent world we are living in , with more violence uses as modus operandi to get to "peaceful" agendas.
-- ar

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