Monday, June 08, 2015


to those who perished in the Sabah earthquake

teachers, schoolchildren, good people doing good things for others ...bless them all ...

this is a tragedy requiring cancellation of ALL forms of state and federal celebrations and that we reflect on the fact that we fight daily on political matters that we do not have time to excel in emergency responses, learning from simulation of disasters, and teaching safety in all matters beginning at the school level. 

Essentially, sadly, the focus has been on political feuds and the mind of politicians are preoccupied 24/7 thinking of how to destroy political opponents rater than keep healthy dialogue alive so that we can think of disaster management better.

And where in the world is the Prime Minister, as usual? What a country! Are we already sick of all these political nonsense - from the never ending 1MDB fiasco, Mahathir-Najib gangland war, right up to the un-Islamic betrayal of PAS re: Pakatan Rakyat? Take your hudud to another country if you may; we are a multicultural country and proud of it and the Constitution is still the supreme law of the land we shall all uphold better than your plan to Talibanize Malaysia .

And to those foreigners who stood naked atop the mountain to take selfies with your spirits of your Grateful Dead, although there is no scientific evidence you caused the earthquake, don't you have any respect for the place you are visiting -- and for yourself? Go naked in sub-zero winter climbing the tallest building in Times Square if you wish to be close to Nature! -- ar

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