Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mother Inayah : a poem at a time of calamity

words composed upon looking at a picture of an 83-year old woman in a flood shelter and listening to a song "Inayah" -- on Empathy and Nature ...

Mother Inayah 

If you could sense
by looking deep into my eyes
-- deeper into the sight of mine failing
-- the colors of seeing Reality blurring
that I am crying
that I may even be silently screaming
that I may even have given up hope
that I may even have asked to be taken away at this moment

You may be wrong
you have not looked deep enough
Dusk may be visiting me
Twilight a notch hence
Death opening its doors wide

You may be wrong
Because it is you who have been
a victim all these while
It is your eyes
Catarcted by your vision of progress
Progress, progress, progress ...
Damn you and your progress
Your eyes
blind to the world I have inhabited
a world I shall leave behind
Still with a sense of joy
That I have a world inside of me still intact
My Inayah still unshaken
While you --
at the dawn of your hedonism
at the mid-day of your hideousness
at the arrogance of the way you have raped and humiliated this Earth
Your world of Aniaya growing like cancer
And you-- still proud of it

I shall still look up into the sky
with pride
with my eyes blurring
into the Heavens
into Paradise

While you --
will be doomed
looking down below
into the Abyss
into the Flood water rising
because that is where your world is
Hell you have raised 

- azly rahman
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