Monday, November 17, 2014


(as inspired by Dylan Thomas)
"Interstellar II"

yes, do not go too gently into the night
its darkness is a calmness that rages
in the singularity of the vastness of the universe
you and I share
and unite will we be
as the sound of the distant waves of a planet yonder gently whispers
calling us into the night
whence no soul except you and I walk
in the innocence of our youth
as if in a garden of the beginning of life
a pasture of Love reigning supreme we reside in
looking at the stars
wondering where we are
uniting again
like a story those sages tell
a union of singularities
with Time and Space in-between us
a mere calculation
of coordinates
of men and women in white coats
endlessly figuring out
what governs our union
if not -- Love and only Love
as a first cause of the Universe supreme
-- go now, gently into the night
you and I 

-- azly rahman
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