Wednesday, October 15, 2014



(instead of complaining about MUET and "menguit-nguit") 

There is so much worry that the Malays are going to be left behind in the new English-Language requirements for university entrance re: M.U.E.T. There are so many groups making excuses that the kids form rural areas will be left behind. Well ... hasn't this been an argument since time immemorial? Never-ending excuses for those "speaking for the Malays". 

You've got to work hard for it; just like anything else in life. We should have progressed a long time ago as a nation with a good mastery of the English Language had we not politicized the issue. It is time to grow up cognitively and have a "do or die" attitude towards the language if one really wants to get a good university education with English as a medium of instruction.

Cry daily if you must -- if you wish to master the language or any language for that matter or to master any skill. Look at what Bruce Lee did with his art. 

All these talks about helping the Malays are not helping the Malays. Get on with the program, hit the ground running, and get tough with what you want your students and children to do with regard to mastering the language. Stop making excuses. It is not like all the Malaysian shop and road signs, even in Kelantan, are written in Urdu or Swahili.

The situation is very bad. Maybe if all of us master the language we could actually understand terms such as "liberalism" and "human right-ism" without talking nonsense and confusing them with "lebai-ism" and "animal magnetism" as propagated by the "Islamic state."


-- ar
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