Sunday, October 26, 2014

HALLOWEEN ... modern origin ... a guide for Malaysians

an American celebration meant to shake the faith and belief system of fellow ghosts under the threat of "trick or treat," essentially a program of American globalization and soft-power imperialism ... feared in Malaysia for its covert and overt ability to wipe out traditional, revered, and jealously-guarded Malay ghosts (used by politician to win elections) ... such a Hantu Raya, Polong, Pochong, Pontianak, Kuntilanak, Jembalang Tanah, Mambang Laut, Mambang Udara, and of course Hantu Galah and Pelesit and Laangsuyir.

These are ghosts that will no longer have commercial value when the American ghosts take over as consultants under the Trans Pacific Partnership and Pelesit-ship Agreement (TPPPA). Malaysians, busy campaigning to love and hate dogs and recovering from hangovers of Oktoberfest, failed to commercialize the business of ghost-busting and therefore losing out.

A fatwa against Halloween is in the pipeline ... Halloween is "haram" as it means "Hello" and "Win" .. of which the Islamists-Jihadists could not come up with the real meaning but wish to ban nonetheless ...

Come October 31, 2014 .. America will be a nation of the night of the living dead ... of ghosts saying "hello" and given chocolates and everybody "wins" ... That's an American definition of "Halloween"; yes, Americans -- those imperialists-infidel-simpletons, like Forrest Gump, as the world knows them as ... -- ar


Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining such a lovely tradition.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Azly, please do listen to Paul Washer's sermon. "A Sermon That Has Angered Many". His other immensely thought provoking sermon entitled " How God Always Provides " Hopefully, too many wealthy so called American Christians and nons who have been " halloweened " would break free from their Utopia and respond by supporting one of the utmost faithful servants of God in bringing the much needed assistance to the downtrodden worldwide.

Paul Washer was trained as oil & gas lawyer from the University of Texas. What is the cost and scars which bear our personal convictions and fast and furious responses ? Or cold indifference instead ?

Now leading us next, to the phenomenal true story of " The Gifted Hands of Ben Carson" on YouTube. Could he be the US President of ours for 2016 ?

Or perhaps liken it to Andre Riew hosting three - year - old Akim Camara, a violinist child prodigy and paying for his music lessons and in ensuring the child remains nice. Two years later, Akim Camara was again invited by Andre Riew, this time the child violinist played "Dance of the Fairies"

Finally navigating us to listen to Itzhak Perlman, born August 31, 1945 playing Love Theme; Pugnani Kreisler - Preludium and Allegro.

Salam Dr. Azly !

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