Monday, July 21, 2014


by azly rahman

I don't know. It is too insensitive for the PAS member to say this, without looking at the complexities of events, cause and effect, consequences, karma, Chaos Theory, interplay between fate and determinism, comparative aspects of right and wrong, pragmatism, and a range of other considerations especially when it comes to linking "divine retribution in Islam" vis-a-viz good v. evil. Too simple, simplistic, and irresponsible of a statement to make ... it also begs the question of a "Just God" . Here is why as I have always pondered upon the question of "Man proposes, God disposes", and I address this question to the questioner from that "Islamic" party : 

-- Was Allah angry at the Muslims and PAS in the case of the murder at Memali, back in the mid 1980s?

- Is Allah angry at PAS that it has never been able to take over the rule of the government of Malaysia?

-- Was Allah angry at the family of the prophet that led to the massacre at Karbala in which the bloody murder became a womb to the current chaos and mayhem in the Islamic world?

- was Allah angry at the Muslims in Middle East that the Islamic countries are now, one after the other humiliated and destroyed by "kaffir forces" that continue to win the war on terror?

- Is Allah angry at the Palestinians that it has never been able to get out of its misery although the world has its sympathy, and that Allah has been on the side of the Israelis? 

-- Is Allah also angry at all the airlines in the world that serves alcohol? Or-- is alcohol okay to be consumed according to other religions, as long as it is done so in moderation? 

I seriously don't know the answer but I would like any member of PAS to answer these questions ...

Otherwise, my continuing sympathy to family members of all those that lost their lives -- be they Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, or pagans.

It is not time to hurt other more that one ideologically should. Besides didn't Islam even PAS preachers about "wisdom/fatanah" in sending messages of peace; that there such an idea called siddiq-amanah-tabligh-fatanah -- that one whose wishes to spread the truth must first embody it (siddiq), keep it as an eternal trust (amanah), educate one's self first (tabligh) and if one is confident that one's little learning is not dangerous, one can share with family members with utmost wisdom (fatanah) ...

And is that not what Muslims too believe that these four phases are also the basis of Muhammad's character?

THINK ... I am sure party members as such are well-versed in basic Islamic matters ...
I don't know ....
I seriously don't know ...
but do explain please
or if one prefers, be silent
and be respectful
better still, console the grieving
that will be the most "Islamic" thing to do ... -- ar
UPDATED 9.51PM MH17 FREE This includes serving alcohol and the attendants' uniforms.
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