Monday, July 14, 2014


of ones who have passed on -- it does not matter of what faith one born into and died in

flowers -- symbol of the blossoming of life and of love and loving memories etched

My personal fatwa says that I should do more of this and what a strange reminder that the practice of putting flowers and scatterings petals, I overhead, is a Jewish and Christian practice ... HO HUM ... I am getting bored of these unexciting recycled ideas from mangled mullahs ... . There is no law against putting flowers on graveyards of loved ones, is there? So, what is the concern? So-- do as one pleases, unless there is an arrest warrant issued on graveyards during Hari Raya.

I sill continue doing this as I love this ritual and practice that gives me a sense of gratitude and a feeling of love. It is a good practice -- good for the soul. If others do not think it is a good practice, it is just their opinion. Just don't do it.

If one says that it is a Jewish and Christian or even a Hindu practice, then it is fine -- it means that there is a good connection and harmonizing strand to this good-to-the-soul practice. I will gladly do it. Because I love the ritual -- just like I love giving flowers during Valentine's Day which I celebrate.

I do celebrate many things celebratable -- anything that brings my soul to that level of celebration and no one can tell me if what I do is haram or halal as long I do not bother other mullahs of imams and his/her strong views against this or that. I produce my own fatwas for my own consumption. I have been successful. But only for me. Not advisable for the consumption of others, perhaps.

One thing I would not do is to kiss any black stone in some holy place and think that I will have a glimpse of Paradise. That is strange, to me. What if one cannot afford to go to that place and peform that ritual because one is homeless and the mullahs and the theocratic state do not really care about homeless people? And besides -- do stones talk?

Ahhh .. flowers .. petals scattered on the graveyard of a loved one ... is a lovely sight especially on Hari Raya Day. PRICELESS.

For those who disagree, tough. -- it is a free country.

Better spend time advising youth not to die for jihad called upon by a self-proclaimed mullah-mahdi-messiah created perhaps by the Mossad. Or better still, start championing for the rights to produce intellectually stimulating new understanding of religion -- to something more peaceful and inclusive and intellectualizing, perhaps. That should be better than arguing about flowers. The San Francisco flower-power children did that already.

I love flowers -- don't you?

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Anonymous said...

Dr Azly, I agree with you absolutely. I respect all religions but I don't I don't neccessarily follow everything that religious teachers/leaders say.So long as whatever I do does not hurt others I think it is right. Similarly, whatever other do, even if it appear weird, is perfectly right so long as they do not hurt me. Nobody has the right to tell another how to live or practice religion.Can anyone show proof of his appointment as the authorised sole representative of God such as an official appointment letter signed and stamped by God? Some people's mind are twisted.If you force me to live my live your way and I force you to live your live my way,the world will be at war perpetually.

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