Sunday, June 29, 2014


by azly rahman

"Ujud satu Ujud
Di lebur sifat Nafsiah .."
said the wise man
in paving the way for this long journey to begin
in silence in solitude
in the service of oneself
in the service of others in need
and so that is the journey as it means
as second Odyssey of a life made supreme
"ujud satu ujud .. di lebur sifat nafsiah"
as words of the man rings again in the ears of this arjuna
in his second Odyssey across the seven minds
from his abode of Love
to the end of his Destiny
where no soul knows where one should end up in
"There is only one existence in you
And that within you is bathed in the Grace of Desire"
as Arjuna have understood it evolvingly
how then must his journey begin?
From the Source of imense mystery
only him and only he and the Innermost being shall ever agree
that there is no boundary between this and that
and between what is real and what shall be Reality
Such a long journey this man has chosen to embark upon
through all the joys and misery
yet the Logos within still sings praise of his being in its entirety
where art thou Al Mustafa he asked,
one who ought to be his guide in this journey of a lifetime
accompanied with two faithfuls: Memory and Sensibility
Exist one must
with Desire one is blessed with
A simple philosophy, Arjuna thought
Until at his deathbed he asked a question
None could make sense of what it should mean to be
And as in blind poet Homer's telling of the story
The song of the sirens of this Odyssey too
peirced into Arjuna's soul
ripping apart every single cell of the body
a grand explosion of joys and anger in one
in smithereens every moment of consciosuness
all in the name of
that one and only Existence
in Desire and Eternal Flame one is bathed in
and where should I now go ...?
Arjuna asked ..
a grand illusion this might turn out to be
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