Monday, November 07, 2011

We have become hyper-real

We have become hyper-real
by Azly Rahman

in this cybernetic world
we have become hyper-real
... hypnotized
harmonizing with the chakras of the digits that never stop computing
aliens we are
at the fringes of a new form of psychedelia we have arrived at
the crossroads
of thoughts so intense
to be or not to be digital
that is no longer the question
to be or not to be real
as real as reality is said to be
in a Descartian world of digital devotion
we are devotees in an ashram
built by pandits and popes and prophets
of Quantum quagmire
quacks we might one day become
what is real we ask?
how real is real we yearn to feel ...
hyper-real our karma is
we have swallowed the apple of mcintosh
and drank the snake oil of cybernetic sensuality
we are no longer us
because we never were
in this cybernetic world
Om ... said the sound of our despair
Amen ... said this world beyond repair
together-- we meditate on this happiness we create
silent i shall now be.
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