Thursday, November 03, 2011

Only Love is the Absolute

Only Love is the Absolute
by Azly Rahman

The philosophy of the self
is the constant –
the Absolute –
from which
the Changing Concepts emanate.

From the Absolute
life, ....
and so on and so forth.

From the Absolute
within the Inner Self
that one must govern,

From the Absolute
Good and Evil,
Heaven and Hell
the opposites and the contradictions
that one needs to mediate
in one's lifetime,

From the Absolute
the knowledge of one's
and Resurrection
one  experiences daily,

From the Absolute
one sees
the history of the creation of the Universe within,
the Universe Outside, and
the parallel universes that are being created
outside of oneself,

From the Absolute
one finds The Love that Reigns Supreme,
that conquers all,
that evolves from Hate to Love
from the being trapped
in the love of oneself to
the love of humanity,
without boundaries

From the Absolute,
one commands the Guardian Angles
to bow down to oneself
and not to Kings, Sultans,
Despots, Tuns, Datuk Seris,
or the State,

From the Absolutism
of One's Rulership in one's kingdom,
one governs the armies of senses –
Sight, Hearing, Speech, Thoughts...

From the Absolute
one sees with the Inner Eye
the daily battles within and decide
who will be the winners and
who will be the losers,

From the Throne of Absolutism,
one speaks
with the ancient prophets and sages
and instruct them
to strengthen the authority and legitimation
of this Inner Kingdom one constructed
out of the realization
of an end of a journey
one is rewarded with,

The Absolute is Love,
never changing,
always travelling with this self
of flesh and bones
and consciousness
that one gets the chance to encounter
in one's lifetime...
if one searches for love.

Love is the Asolute
Only Love

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