Wednesday, November 23, 2011


by Azly Rahman

break of day they say
of a new age
where i emerge
from a world without boundaries
at times aimless
at times seeing apparations
of those long gone
those i love and those i have never even met
I woke up to the sound of reality i could touch
of the familiar
yet strange
you are here
as i recomposed myself
into a creation of body and soul
and again
till i will no longer be ultimately
Dawn to Dusk you promised me
that I will meet you
I have not met you
but only once perhaps
in that dark corner of out illuminated selves
when we were still
in the memory of Love
that will never die
and when i woke from the wide awakeness
of our illuminated selves
you left me standing all alone
in my alonesness of this Maya
      of a reality you and I constructed
out of the ruins of the yesteryears of what hath failed you
you have seen destruction
           in the gift you have tenderly build for me
out of your longingness for me you have once said
you and i have promised
and i stand here alone
still watching
the tedious arguments
of the destructions of the ages of Man
          you have concealed from me
yet you professed a love undivided
from dawn tiil dusk i seek thee
you are no longer there
inbetween the changing light of dusk
as it leaves me standing alone
as it walks away into the night
and inbetween the tears
of the crossroads you banished me at
tears that hath become rain
that soothes and washes the pains
of yesteryears
of a once lush forest
of my subconscious
of a mind that never was alive yet
i cried for thee
as silent as the stillness of the night of rage
you and i too have created
in the screams of my unconsciousness
              i asked thee :
                        what have you given me in the name of love?

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