Tuesday, October 25, 2011


by azly rahman

are we memories in search of a body?
or merely flesh and blood
and bones and all these and more in search of a reason to
walk away walk on walk through this path of ephemerality
of a game of chess
of a garden to grow
where we knew the game
we have met
when flesh and blood we were not yet
when flesh and blood we no longer are
are we up there seeing sight?
listening to hearing?
living what is to be lived?
with love found, lost, found again .. when love has always
not left us; as if we are like the fish
like waves and the shore
like the warmth of the light of the flame
that whispers in the night
i see myself when
the self in me sees you
you and i
in the beauty of living --- eternally
wherein memories, body, flesh, bones ... can no longer be
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